Work and Atelier

Our team of professional woodcarvers not only makes our assortment figures, we also like to make something unique and individual for you. Let yourself be inspired by our previous work and contact us .. we look forward to your requests !!

Trunk Sculptures

 Tribal figures, have you had a tree felled in the garden or have you been longing for your own favorite animal or a personal guardian angel in the garden? We are happy to produce these at your location.


huggler design

Also the woodcarving history does not stop. Our creative team is constantly discovering new paths and creating new works which we present under HUGGLER DESIGN

Whether aesthetic art for modern housing, curved angel with a stone ball of your choice or an alpine lift with a difference.


prospekt huggler desing
hier eine kleine zusammenfassung unserer linie!
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how a animalfigure is done, by ruth fischer